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2021 CHEER & POM


Welcome to the 2021 Pirate Cheer/Pom Season! 



As VP of Cheer/Pom, my goal is to provide all participants with a fun, exciting, and enjoyable team environment! I want the children to learn all of the basic skills of cheerleading and pom and become as skillful as they can while keeping it fun. I want to provide a positive experience where our coaches teach through positive reinforcement while motivating and challenging all of the participants on the team. Good sportsmanship, athleticism, a sense of family, camaraderie, and pride in one's self and one's team are important qualities that I hope to instill in your children. I also believe that forming friendships, developing a feeling of belonging, and learning to share experiences with others is important.

For the 2021 season:

All children will participate in both cheer and pom. We are basically three sports in one- sideline cheer, competitive cheer, and pom. All teams will sideline cheer at the football games and over the course of the season, learn competitive cheer and pom routines to perform at games and competitions. All girls must participate in our Cheerfest competition which is scheduled on 10/24/21. 

Practice schedule:

Practices will start the week of 8/9/21. Practices will be based on the age and instruction level of the girls, as described below. Exact practice days and times will be set by each team's head coach. Practices will be held outdoors at the Navigator/Pathfinder complex and will move indoors later in the season. 

Practices before Labor Day:

Instructional (1st-2nd grade) will be allowed to practice up to 3 nights/week no earlier than 6:15pm and will be allowed to practice up to 2 hours each night for a total of 6 hours each week. 

Freshman (3rd-4th grade) and JV (5th-6th grade) will be allowed to practice up to 4 nights/week no earlier than 6:15pm and allowed to practice up to a total of 15 hours each week.

Practices after Labor Day:

Instructional will practice 2 nights/week no earlier than 6:15pm and will be allowed to practice up to 1.5 hours each night for a total of 3 hours each week. Instructional may practice up to 6 hours per week in the two weeks prior to Cheerfest. 

Freshman and JV will be practice 3 nights/week no earlier than 6:15pm and allowed to practice up to 2 hours each night for a total of 6 hours each week.

Game days:

Games are held on Saturdays. Times and locations will vary. Games will begin on 8/28/21. Potential away game locations are Howell, Brighton, South Lyon, Hartland, Milford, Lakeland, and Saline. Games schedules will be distributed as soon as they are released by the league. Usually the last two games of the season are not released until immediately prior because they are pre-playoff/playoff games. The organization is part of the Kensington Valley Youth Football Conference. You can find information relating to other teams and their field locations at:

Cheerfest 2021:

Cheerfest 2021 will be hosted by Milford. It will be held on a Sunday 10/24/21 at Milford High School. Participation is mandatory. It is very important that all Cheer/Pom participants attend all scheduled practices during the month of October or they may jeopardize their ability to perform as a team at Cheerfest. This is a team sport and we cannot move forward as a TEAM if we do not have everyone present at practice. It is mandatory for each team and each team member to compete in all rounds. One round is a Pom Routine and the second and third rounds are Cheer Routines. All teams will complete the MHSAA Precision 10 Count and stunt. Each practice, we learn a new segment of our cheer and pom routines. We have very little time to learn our routines for Cheerfest so attendance at all practices throughout the season is very important, especially if girls are trying to learn stunting as all partners must be present in order to learn and practice.  

There will be mandatory practices the two weeks before Cheerfest. The week prior to Cheerfest, these practices will be 3 nights for all teams and last 2 hours each night. 


 If you have any questions regarding Cheer/Pom, please contact Kelly Rysso at

Thank you for your support!



Contact Information

Contact the PYA VP of Cheer/Pom with any questions:

Kelly Rysso

Thank you for your support!

2021 Coaches

Congratulations to our 2021 Cheer/Pom Coaches!

Instructional: Red Team and Overall Instructional Head Coach Elisabeth Schager, Red Team Assistant Coach Rachel Rubin, Black Team Head Coach Deanna Andrews, Black Team Assistant Coach Amanda Blanchard

Freshman: Head Coach Carrie Dygert, Assistant Coach Samantha Jaber, Assistant Coach Charlotte Nowaczyk 

JV: Head Coach Tiffany Watts, Assistant Coach Krista Ransford, Assistant Coach Barbie DaSilva


Coaches are expected to follow PYA and LCACC (Livingston County Area Cheer Commissioners) rules/regulations. Coaches are also given guidelines from the Cheer/Pom VP that they are expected to follow.

2021 Parent Handbook

We are so glad that you are with us this season! Please watch this space for our updated 2021 Parent Handbook. We want to make sure you know what to expect from us and what we expect from you so that the program can run as smoothly as possible for everyone.