USA Football
Required Waivers, Documents, and Deposits

These items are required to be turned in by equipment/uniform pick up:

- All waivers

Concussion Form

KVC (formerly LCAJFL) Code of Conduct Form

Photo Release Form

COVID-19 Waiver

* Please note that the Hamburg Township Waiver Form is no longer required

- Copy of birth certificate

PLEASE NOTE: Some birth certificates contain the Social Security Numbers of the parents. Make sure to safeguard this information when you are making a copy of your birth certificates.

- Latest report card (print from MiStar)

- Physical dated after 1/1/21

It is mandatory to have a physical before a player can begin to practice.

- Deposit checks for equipment/uniform and volunteering

Please write separate checks for each deposit, date them 9/1/21, and make them out to PYA

Volunteering Deposit $200 per child:
Every family is required to volunteer 3 times per season per child participating.
As a volunteer organization volunteering is mandatory for us to be able to run home games for the kids.

1 child = 3 volunteer times
2 children= 6 volunteer times
3 children = 9 volunteer times
and so on....

Sign-up sheets will be emailed out.

Equipment/Uniform Deposit $200 per child:
An equipment/uniform deposit needs to be made on the kick-off meeting day.

All deposit checks will be returned on equipment/uniform return day. Checks are not cashed if you meet your volunteering requirement and return your equipment/uniform in good shape. If those conditions are not met, your check(s) will be cashed and will be considered a donation to PYA.