USA Football
Player Waivers and Forms

Here are some forms you need to fill out and bring to equipment pick-up day!

Concussion Form

Hamburg Township Waiver - For new players

LCAJFL Code of Conduct Form

Photo release form

It is mandatory to have a physical before a player can begin to practice. Please turn in proof of player physical, a photocopy of player birth certificate, and a copy of their last report card dated June 2018 to the team manager.

PLEASE NOTE: Some birth certificates contain the Social Security Numbers of the parents. Make sure to safeguard this information when you are making a copy of your birth certificates.

Please write separate checks for each deposit and make it out to HPYFA

Volunteering Deposit $100 - per child:
Every family is required to volunteer 3 times per season. Sign-up sheets will be sent out. There will also be available times for the home football games as usual.

Equipment Deposit $100 - per child:
An equipment deposit needs to be made on the kick-off meeting day.

All deposits will be returned on equipment return day we do NOT cash the checks. If you have not met your volunteering commitment or did not turn in equipment your check will be considered a donation to the HPYFA.