USA Football
President Message

Hello Pirate Families,

For the 2020 season, we will have instructional, freshman and JV teams. We need your help encouraging young athletes to join so we can build up the numbers and have full teams.

We are kicking off this season with different fundraisers including working a concession stand for the Detroit Dark Angels Women's football team, can drive, team snap and more to follow. We are looking at getting some new equipment for on the fields along with new pads and additional indoor practice time for cheer/pom.

High School Partnership!
Our football coaching staff is partnering with the high school staff to incorporate their system into ours. Our coaches are attending training sessions to learn the offense and defense system ran by the high school program. Our goal is to help improve our program and in-turn improve the high school program as we are the feeder system for them. We feel this will better prepare the kids for entering the high school program.

Our cheer/pom partnership is continuing with the high school program and we are excited to continue to incorporate what the high school does with our program. We are grateful for all the cheer and pom girls that come and volunteer their time to help with teaching our teams cheers and pom routines. Again we hope this better prepares the kids for entering the middle school and high school programs in the future.